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Art And Design

Art And Design

Career Possibilities

Some possible jobs within this career area are:


Depending on your field of choice, you might need to complete a degree program. Other fields, however, might require only a certification in a discipline. Available degrees for majors related to art and design include:
  • Master's Degree


Art and design careers are changing right along with technology. Today’s artists design rooms and cities on computers, compose music at the click of a mouse and edit their photographs digitally. Many artists are self-employed, or have more than one employer. Statistics show that careers in design and the arts tend to follow economic conditions, so there are more jobs available during economic booms.


You could complete a certification in as little as a year, or earn a Bachelor’s Degree in four years. You also might be eligible for summer courses, which could speed up the time it takes to complete your art or design coursework.

How to Pursue a Career as a Video Game Designer

If you count your PlayStation 3, XBox 360, or Nintendo Wii as your one of your most valuable possessions, then becoming a video game designer may be the perfect career for you. It's a multibillion-dollar industry that always continues to grow, thanks in part to the iPad, iPhone, and Android smart phones and offers many opportunities for those looking to pursue a video game design career.

Getting Started as a Video Game Designer

So how do you pursue a career as a video game designer? It's an intense, fast-paced, and detail-oriented job that requires you to breathe, eat, and sleep video games. Naturally, you should have a true passion for video games – not just playing them, but creating story lines and characters; envisioning new, cool ways to make the game interactive and compelling play after play after play; and creating tools and tricks to make each game a potential blockbuster best-seller. In short, you need to be a video game geek.

It goes without saying that you'll need to have solid graphic design, computer animation, and game development skills at a minimum. Many graphic design programs will provide you with a solid education in these areas. Also, some schools offer video game designer degrees and certifications where you'll learn these valuable skills in a classroom setting or even online. Most successful video game designers earn a degree in video game design or a related field.

You'll also need good analytical and organizational skills. Can you see the big picture of the game while being able to drill down to make sure all the little details are taken care of? How good are you at working with a team? Video games don't develop in a vacuum – it takes a lot of talented people's long hours to get a video game to market.

Pursuing a Video Game Designer Career

The best way to pursue any new job is not by answering ads on the online job boards; the most effective tactic is through networking. Does your school have a career center where companies recruit for new hires? Do any of your friends, family, neighbors, or former colleagues work or know anyone in the video game industry? Who can you connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn that will lead you in the direction of a video game design career?

Video Game Designer Potential Salaries

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for video game designer range from $46,000 a year for someone with 3 years of experience or less to around $70,000 a year for a more seasoned professional. Often, salaries for lead video game designers can top six figures per year.(Salary data retrieved 4/11/11)

Imagine getting paid to play video games every day! A video game design career can be a dream job for the passionate player. To pursue the education you need to jumpstart a career as a video game designer, find a degree program now!

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