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Fire Department Training

Fire Department Training

Career Possibilities

Some potential professions within this career area are as follows:


Based on your field of choice, you might need to complete a degree program. Other fields, however, might require only a certification in a discipline. Available degrees for majors connected to art and design include the following:


Art and design careers are moving right along with technology landscape. Today’s artists design rooms and cities on computers and compose music at the click of a mouse and edit their photographs digitally. Many artists are self-employed, or have more than one employer. Statistics indicate that careers in design and the arts tend to follow economic conditions; therefore, there are more jobs open during economic booms.


You could complete a certification in as short as a year or earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 4 years. You also might be entitled for summer courses, which could expedite the time it takes to complete your art or design coursework.

Career Prospects as part of the Fire Department!

Why fire fighting?

Many of you may have witnessed the havoc that fires create and the agony that reflects on the faces of the survivors. Many of you may have smashed a fist on your palm out of frustration, wishing you could be the saviour! The opportunity to turn your grit into reality is panting right at your doorstep.

What's there in the profession!

Fire department training involves preliminary drills and practices to evacuate an area ravaged by an inferno. You have to bail the trapped people out, fix the hose pipes and direct water to douse the flame. The nature of work involves immense selflessness and acrobatic skills to brave through the fire. The profession is entirely driven by brave-hearted people and money is a second necessity.

Options in the profession!

Most fire department employees are stationed under various municipalities and they respond to emergency calls. The nature of work is different as mentioned below:-

  • To combat the fire - They are employed with the sole task of dealing with the fire. They are trained to throw water jet and help any trapped people. They should be physically agile, and should not be bowed down by the impending danger.
  • Emergency medical technicians and Paramedics - They are tutored to be skilful in addressing medical needs such as burns, scars, trauma etc. You should have necessary paramedic certificate.
  • Disaster management operations - They mainly focus on the after effects of the fire. The burnt, rotten areas and equipments are cleared and if some hazardous gas or oil has been spilt it is cleaned and the area is sterilised by them.
  • Fire department officers - They are considered to comprise the upper echelons of the hierarchy. They supervise fire stations and also indulge in inspection. Issuing fire clearance, organisational orders and looking after duties of the employees are carried out by these officers. You should have minimum 5 years of experience to reach to the top.
  • These are the options you have. Though the options are limited but the thrill involved in the profession is compensates for anything else.

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