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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Career Possibilities

Some potential jobs within this career zone are:


Based on your career track, you may have to finish one or more degrees in criminal justice. Usual degree programs comprise :
  • Associate's Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree


Criminal Justice-related professions include all regions of day-to-day life from security guards at our office to police officers and the secret service that safeguard our chosen officials. Most professions connected to criminal justice are state or locally sponsored, which implies that the salary comes from tax bucks. If you are living in a growing part, growth possibilities are higher. If your area is not growing, there could be additional competition for these civil-service professions


Based on your individual objectives, you could finish your project in criminal justice in as short as a year (for a certification) or as long as 4 years (for a bachelor’s degree). You also might choose to return to school to earn a master’s degree or need to earn re-certification later in your occupation.

A Career in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice - Detail

Criminal justice opens up new avenues in the field of criminal operations and legal proceedings. Career options are diverse. So the chances of flourishing in your career are good. You can serve the society in a better way, by eradicating crime and criminals.


Obtaining a bachelor degree is the preliminary qualification you need to have. But for your professional growth, only qualifying as a bachelor will not serve any purpose. If you want to succeed, try to obtain the additional certification which will make you eligible for practising. You can extend your education so that it will allow you to try out more options and coveted jobs.

Options you can think upon

Now let us have a look at the career options to choose:-

  • Criminology - Criminology is the field of criminal justice which deals with both social and criminal aspects. The intensity of the crime, its causes and the way it has affected the society will be assessed by these professionals.
  • Law enforcements - These officers try to combat crimes and arrest criminals. They send cases to court and help the court to prosecute criminals. Law enforcement officers first spread awareness, respond to emergency calls and arrest law breakers. Then another category of officers investigate the crime scene, interrogate witnesses and collect samples. The last set of law enforcement officers test the samples, recreate the crime scene and help investigators solve the crime.
  • Court - They will obviously judge the crime and announce punishments depending upon the crimes committed. They work on evidence and legal hearings to announce the sentence.
  • Correction home and rehabilitation centres - Criminals are sometimes sent to rehab so that they can be sterilised mentally. This career option deals with counselling criminals, prohibiting further crimes and parole.
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